We started as a Minecraft server called FinCraft in 2011. In the beginning the server was just for our friends and for our own purposes.
We purchased a dedicated server to host FinCraft. During this we also made our websites and got domain fincraft.fi
FinCraft left a lot to be desired, and the whole project didn't go on as we planned. FinCraft was shut down in the beginning of 2014.
TeamSakke was founded after FinCraft. Our goal was to keep our community alive, and possibly play host to something same we had. TeamSakke had bigger group during 2014-2015
Originally TeamSakke was a bigger group. After 2015 it changed, and founder of FinCraft, Moppa5, remained working on TeamSakke.

Nowadays TeamSakke is Moppa5's project/personal website. TeamSakke offers different kind of services. Our domain, fincraft.fi, is due to our history as FinCraft.



TeamSpeak server at ts.fincraft.fi or ts.loot.fi. In principle the server is open 24/7, and there are game channels along other group channels.

Maintaining web services and coding/programming them affordably for payment. Contact and send us an offer on the bottom of the website.

Help with technical problems as much we can. We also help our customers if they have problems with their websites that we have produced.

Projects - available only in Finnish


Astronomy site is our long-term project which offers information about astronomy. You'll find it from here.

Moppa5 is maintaining Finnish forum Loot.fi which was called Mineskene before. This forum is Finnish only.


Social media

We are actively in many social media, and you'll find us on:

Twitter: TeamSakke | Twitter
FaceBook: TeamSakke | Facebook

Email and Skype

Please tell why you're contacting us so it'll be easier

Email: teamsakke@fincraft.fi
Skype contact: Moppa5
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